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If you received a letter from a Certified Confidential Intermediary regarding a birth relative who would like to connect with you, you have several options.

If you were contacted by a Confidential Intermediary, we have significant reason to believe you are a birth relative of someone with whom we are working.  The CI working on that case will explain who is trying to reach you and why.

Confidential Intermediaries have access to adoption records, information, and other documents that are otherwise considered "sealed."  While the CI cannot legally release those documents to anyone, they use the detailed information to search for birth relatives.  This significantly increases the likelihood that the correct birth relatives are located.

Please be assured that the Confidential Intermediary will not share any personal or identifying information about you without the written consent of both involved individuals.  It is the job of the CI to protect your confidentiality as much as our clients'.

As a located birth relative, you have many options.  You can exchange contact information with your birth relative, you can exchange anonymous letters with your birth relative through our program, you can provide information to the CI to be passed along to your birth relative, or you can decline to participate. The Confidential Intermediary will respect and support any decision you make.

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If you received a letter from a caseworker in our DCFS search program: