An Adoptee’s Story

“I started this looking only for information, medical history; not with any real expectations. Both my natural parents are still alive and were understandably very concerned at first, hearing from me after 40+ years. Denise was instrumental + very professional + helpful in facilitating a conversation. Patience is helpful in these things + she was very kind, explained things to all of us, + helped us all feel more comfortable with initial contacts. I was fully prepared for both bio parents to not wish to reopen this chapter, but have been pleasantly surprised both are willing to continue to communicate with me + allow me to get to know them. I think Denise did a great job helping us all through the introductions + I’m sure is part of the reason we got off on a good foot to start with. Also, I feel they made the best choice they could at the time and am grateful I had a good home to grow up in. Now I am thankful we are able to get to know each other. This program is such a wonderful + necessary one. I hope it continues to help other families.”