Story from an Adoptee Located by CISI

“That call from Midwest Center still shocked me when I found out it was my birth mom looking for me. I was a mix of emotions; nervous, excited, scared, and thrilled. I had to fill out paperwork to start communication. I decided email was where I wanted to start so I only shared my name and email address. [My birth mother] sent me the most wonderful email on Feb 3, 2020. I cried when I read it. I responded immediately. We sent emails daily for 2 weeks. Around that time we had our very first phone call. I was beyond freaked out because this was so real, email isn’t as real. We talked for 2 hours and it was like we never had been apart. We talked about growing up and my brothers and everything in between. [One of my brothers] had helped [my birth mother] start the whole process so he was pretty excited to talk to me so around mid Feb I started to email him but quickly moved to texts and calls. We shared pictures of ourselves and families. I had always wondered who I looked like and if I had features like my parents well I got my answers when I first saw [my birth mother’s] picture. I am a mini her…It has been 9 months and continue to talk daily and I have more family that loves and care about me. This has been a wonderful experience for me an my family. I am grateful to Midwest Center for helping to connect us.”