An Adoptee’s Story

“I am 75 years old and was adopted as an infant into a loving family. I never thought I would find my biological family. I received a 23 & Me Kit as a gift from my son and soon discovered my biological father’s family. This prompted me to seek information about my biological mother’s side. I was able to obtain my sealed original birth record through the Illinois Dept. of Public Health and then my name was placed in the Illinois Adoption Registry. That is how I found out about the Confidential Intermediary Service of Illinois.

After completing all the paperwork, my CI, Emily Archer contacted me to begin the process. She constantly kept me up to date on her progress. Seven months later my story has a happy ending.

I have been in contact with my niece and many cousins…where it all began. They had heard the story of my birth from relatives throughout the years. When they received the letter from Emily Archer the story was now validated. They were excited to contact me. I have since learned so much about my biological mother and have exchanged family photos as well. We plan on meeting in the near future.”