A Birth Parent’s Story

“The confidential intermediary service was a true gift to me!

When I was 19, my girlfriend got pregnant and we placed the baby up for adoption. When we made that decision, we felt it was the right thing to do. For almost forty years I had wondered if that decision was the correct one and had lots of unanswered questions! I often wondered what she looked like, what type of person she became and wanted confirmation that our decision was the correct one.

Well if it were not for this great program, I would still be asking myself those questions. I can tell you that this journey of finding my birth daughter, connecting with her and having her confirm that it was absolutely the RIGHT DECISION has given me great joy and I now have peace in my heart!

This journey started after I submitted my health history with the State Adoption Agency. Shortly thereafter I was contacted by department informing me about the Confidential Intermediary Program. I had no idea this service even existed! Having them coordinate this trip and being there to guide me along the path was a gift from Heaven!

The understanding, patience and guidance of my CI, Laura was simply wonderful. She made this emotional and scary process manageable and so fulfilling. She ensured its success and for that I am very grateful!! Having her guiding me through the emotions and the motions of this process helped me stay on the path and have a clear understanding that all we can do is walk the path. Knowing all along that we did not know where it would end. In my case it resulted in getting to know my birth daughter and making full contact with her. So, after 38 years my questions have been answered. I am not certain where our relationship will go but I am hopeful. Knowing she has become a great, successful, and happy person is the best gift!! I would not have been able to do it with such ease and success had it not been for Laura and this program.

My birth daughter commented in her first letter, “I have often considered finding my birth parents and went back and forth. I never expected them to find me!” So, it helped her make the decision to connect when she may never have made that decision on her own.

If you are asking similar questions and want answers or the ability to close that chapter and begin a new one chapter, please consider using this wonderful service. I hope it brings you as much joy and peace as it has for me and my birth daughter.”