Search Evaluation


1. Name (optional)
2. Email address to which reply should be sent
3. Phone number (optional)
4. Many people are eligible to use this program including adopted persons, adoptive parents, birth parents and other birth relatives. Please explain how you are connected to the adoption.
5. Who are you trying to locate? Please describe the relationship but do not include the person’s name.
6. Was the adoption completed through an adoption agency? If yes, what was the name of the agency? If you don’t have an exact name, please provide whatever you have.
7. Were there foster placements before the adoption?
8. Where was the adoption legally completed? Please be as specific as possible, providing date or approximate date, the city or county and state, if possible.
9. In what year was the child placed with the adoptive parent(s)? If you don’t know the exact year, please give approximate year.
10. In what year was the adoption legally completed? If you don’t know the exact year, please give approximate year.
11. What official documents or other paperwork about the placement do you have? (such as adoption decree, letters from agency or attorney, “non-identifying information”, etc)
12. If you have information about how the adoption was arranged, or have other details that you believe to be important, please describe briefly.
13. Briefly describe other search efforts you have made and the results.
14. How did you find out about the CI program?
15. Do you have a specific question or concern about how the CI program might work for you?
16. Knowing exactly how it works may help you decide whether you want to use this program. Would you like us to send you step by step instructions and the forms you need to file a petition?
17. If you answered yes to question 16, to what name and address do you want the information sent?

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