Do you have a copy of the Original Birth Certificate? Do you need help locating birth relatives?

Using the information you give us by answering these questions, we will let you know whether we believe that the CI program could be of help to you. You do not have to give your name or any other identifying information. We will respond by e-mail. No one will call you unless you ask us to.

Click here for a summary of how the Confidential Intermediary program can be of help to you after you receive a copy of your Original Birth Certificate.

CISI is a service of Midwest Adoption Center, a not-for-profit social service agency. The program is funded by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. There is no cost for any service through the Confidential Intermediary program.

1. Your name (optional)
2. What email address do you want us to use to respond to you?
3. Do you want a member of our staff to call you? In many situations, it is best if you speak with one of our staff. If you would like a call, please include your phone number(s).
4. Did you receive the copy of the adopted person’s Original Birth Certificate from the Illinois Department of Public Health?
5. Are you trying to obtain information that was omitted from the Original Birth Certificate? If so, what information are you hoping to get?
6. Do you want to find a birth parent? If so, was that person’s name on the OBC you received?
7. Are you trying to locate a birth sibling? If so, does the OBC indicate that there were other children born to the birth mother before the birth of the adopted person?
8. Are you interested in finding a different birth relative? If so, what is that person’s relationship to you?
9. Some people consider using the CI program after they have found one birth relative but want to locate a different relative. Is that your situation? If so, who have you located and who would you like to find?
10. Some people ask to find “any living birth relative”, especially if the adoption was completed many years ago. Is that your situation?
11. Have you been searching on your own without success? If you would like to, give us a brief summary of your efforts. This information could indicate the ways that this program might be of help to you.
12. Do you know whether there was an adoption agency involved in the adoption? If so, what is that name of the agency?
13. Do you have a specific question about how this program could work for you?
14. If you would like program information, including filing forms, sent to you please give us your mailing address.

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