How can the CI Program help after you get your original birth certificate?

If you have received a copy of your original birth certificate (OBC), the Confidential Intermediary program could be helpful to you:

  • Your OBC may include your birth parents’ names and ages at the time of your birth. However, your CI has access to information and documents that can include their dates and places of birth, information about marriages and divorces, or other important details. For example, your CI may obtain your birth mother’s married name.  While your CI is not able to give you this type of information, these details may increase the probability of search success.
  • If you ask your CI to prepare a full Search Assessment, she may receive information indicating that your birth parent is deceased but she may have obtained information about siblings, cousins, aunt/uncles and grandparents for whom you could search.
  • It may be that your birth father is not named on the copy of the OBC you received and you specifically want to locate him or other paternal birth relatives.  Your CI may learn his name and identifying information from the Court file, vital records, or an adoption agency involved in your placement  and use this information to attempt to locate him. 
  • You may want medical or other information from your birth family, but do not want to have direct contact.  Your CI could try to locate relatives and ask for information for you.
  • You may have searched on your own and believe you have identified and located the birth relative you want to find, but you are not comfortable making the outreach yourself.  Your CI has access to the court adoption file, vital records, and adoption agency information that is not available to you, increasing the likelihood that the outreach is made to the correct person.  In addition, if the found relative asks, “How do you know this person is related to me?” the CI can provide assurance based on the information she has received.
  • If you were born before January 1, 1946 and the name of the birth parent was omitted from the original birth certificate that you received, the CI can request a copy of the Court adoption file.   According to Illinois law, in certain circumstances the CI can give you the birth parent name if it is found in that file.


If you received a letter from the Department of Public Health stating that your original birth certificate could not be found, the CI can request a copy of the Court adoption file.  According to Illinois law, the CI can give you certain identifying information that would have been on the original birth certificate if it is found in that file.

If you have not requested your original birth certificate and wish to do so:

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