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Since 1995, hundreds of adoptees and birth relatives have used the Confidential Intermediary program to find a birth family member. Many had searched for years without success. More than XX% of CI searches result in a connection – sometimes with the person being sought and sometimes an unexpected cousin or aunt. Of course, for some, the results were not as hoped. When a relative is found to be deceased, or is located but refuses contact, the CI offers support and a “professional ear”.

This program is funded by a grant from the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. We operate on a bare bones budget made even more challenging by the change in Illinois law mandating FREE CI service for everyone using this program. The fees never covered the cost of service, but helped pay the salary of one additional full time Intermediary.

The number of searches being requested is increasing – and the budget is smaller, since there will be no fees paid. Please consider a donation to help us provide service to the adoptees, birth parents, siblings and others who come to us.

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